Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tuesday 30/3/10

Breakfast: Black coffee

Lunch: Chicken and mushroom stir fry, boiled rice, spinach

Supper: Deluxe Big Mac burger, fries. Diet Coke. Flake

Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday 29/3/10

Breakfast: 2 pears

Lunch: Potted shrimp on toast. A pear. Water.

Supper: Chicken Tom Yum, rice noodles, broccoli. Cab Sav. Half a dark Bounty bar.

Sunday 28/3/10

Breakfast: Fried eggs, bacon, sausages, toast. Milk

Lunch/Supper: Roast chicken, bolied rice, curry sauce, steamed broccoli. Camembert, oak cakes. Shiraz.

Friday 26/3/10

Breakfast: Toast and marmite. Milk

Lunch: Cheese on toast. Milk

Supper: Pan fried lamb chops, rice, roasted chillis, mango chutney. Half a Dark Chocolate Bounty bar. Rioja.

Thursday 25/3/10

Breakfast: Pineapple slices

Lunch: Falafel wrap. Diet Coke. Finger of Fudge

Supper: Chicken, chilli and basil stir fry, boiled rice, salad. Singha beer

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday 24/3/10

Breakfast: Carrot juice

Lunch: Chicken laksa, Tobasco sauce. Finger of Fudge. Water

Dinner: Chicken Teryiaki, rice, salad, pickles. Half an orange. Kirin beer. Packet of peanut M&Ms

Tuesday 23/3/10

Back by popular demand (2 people mentioning the blog in passing over the year since it was last updated).

Breakfast: Carrot juice

Lunch: Prosciutto and pecorino baguette. Mango slices. Water. A Finger of Fudge (present from colleague).

Supper: Prawn sambal, chicken curry, rice, omelette, ochra, deep fried anchovies and dry roasted peanuts. Tiger Beer. Packet of Minstrels.